The Donom Estate: Art & Wine

Saturday, I got to take a peak inside an off-the-beaten path winery in Sonoma. I was there to do a tape sync (recording one side of a conversation) with an artist who’s work has been recently installed at The Donom Estate. First, the estate is stunning.


Jaume Plensa’s “Sanna” Greets Arriving Guests

The Donom Estate sits above Skaggs Island in the Carneros AVA. They feature Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. To visit, you need to make a reservation at info@thedonomestate or 707.732.2200.

IMG_7917Richard Hudson’s “Love Me” Crests the Vineyards



I love how the vineyards are reflected in “Love Me.” It shows a love of the land, nature, light, and of course wine. The vineyards stretch in all directions beneath this shining heart. It’s like it’s a beacon of light and love.


IMG_7927Soma by Subodh Gupta

I know it’s a wine bottle and some grapes, but for some reason it makes me think of bubbles. But actually it’s either a Chard or Pinot. Which one is it?

I parked under this tire tree by Douglas White. There were real palms in the parking lot as well.

IMG_7926Black Palm by Douglas White

Come experience The Donom Estate. You will not be disappointed. If you’d like to book your designated driver Candice Wine Girl, do so now.

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