Explore the backroads and off-the beaten path gems throughout Northern California with Backroads Insider Candice Ludlow. She’s a native to the San Francisco Bay Area who loves people and loves to explore the Golden State.

Meet the people that make these destinations special, and get a sense of place when you tune in and come along for the ride. We’re starting our journey together in our backyard, in the heart of Wine Country, which means we also get to enjoy fine wines. Who doesn’t like wine?

Candice Ludlow is narrative storyteller and expert interviewer who has spent most of her life in the Golden State. She hails from public radio, which is where she got her chops in audio production and narrative storytelling. Her love for California grew immensely after she left the state for a radio gig in Memphis, due to extreme homesickness. Growing up, her mom always told her how special the state was with it’s majestic mountains, sacred redwoods, miles of beaches, vast desert and America’s “salad bowl.”

Start your journey now. All you have to do is press play.